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Passion Purpose Peace - The Pathway Through Trials and Tribulations is an intriguing, informative collaborative written work that is comprised of 13 co-authors from around the country. The visionary, Dr. Theresa Ann Moseley, emphasized that God strategically planted the vision in her to spearhead a book that is extremely prevalent in perilous times as now.


“The mass shootings in grocery stores, schools, and inner-city violence are increasing, impacting everyone in the world,” Dr. Moseley told Making Headline News. “I chose to produce this book to show others that no matter what you are going through in life, the trials and tribulations will lead to lessons learned. You can use those lessons to be a better person, understand your passion, and live in your purpose. You will find success, fulfillment, and inner peace when you live in your purpose. There is no violence. There is serenity. There is no hate. There is love.”


My chapter is about how I found peace, which led to me identifying my purpose and learning how to live out my passion. It's titled, "A Journey from Fear to Happiness and Freedom."

Passion Purpose Peace

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